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Ready for Autumn after a Summer of FUN!

What a great summer for me and my clients. And I am ready to launch into autumn.

This is my fist blog devoted soley to my client photography and I cannot believe how EXCITED I am to be creating this space. I look forward to sharing my ongoing client work on a monthly basis. Just a quiet little space away from the hubbub of Facebook. This will be that little place that I can devote just to you-my clients. This new adventure will be tied in with a newsletter which will make its debue in mid-October. Have a wonderful day!

About me: It is pretty safe to say I am creative with many interests. A love of life that extends in many directions including a grandbabies and black labs. I am am a closet writer, avid quilter, prolific gardner, and a non stop photographer. I look forward to seeing you through my lens!

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