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Portrait Sessions...

           Let me help. 


"Who can get to that bench first?"

 Fun and easy-Portrait sessions.

Family outing in disguise.


Creating visual treasures for a lifetime. 

"Forty-Five carefree minutes with my family!" 

Missy R.


Danny H. (4 years old)


The New River Valley we have a variety of location options:

  • Virginia Tech Hahn Horticulture Garden,

  • Heritage Park, 

  • The Inn at Virginia Tech,

  • Mountain Lake,

  • The Alexander Black House,

  • Caboose Park,

  • Downtown Blacksburg,  the graffiti-art-alley in Blacksburg,  

  • Downtown Christiansburg,

  • The Moss Center for the Arts,

  • Virginia Tech Campus,

  •  Huckleberry Trail

   And the home setting is often a great choice as well. 

Three Insights about Family Portraiture
  • Family portraits help reaffirm each family members  sense of belonging.
  • Family portraits infuse a space with a sense of love, history and comfort.  
  • A majority of family images are stored on cell phones and computers.
Three Questions for you.
  • Consider your home; can you think of at least one place where a wall portrait or interactive presentation box of portraits would light up a room?
  • Your family  enjoys reading  books together. Why not consider a family portrait book?
  • Who in your family would love the gift of a family portrait?
Committed to building safe and nourishing environments for all young people; encouraging curiosity, possibilities, and love.   Exploring ways to strengthen the resolute and creative heart that lives within each of us.
        May we be a blessing to the children in our lives.
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