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Investments, Commitments and Cooperation

​​Budgeting your time and financial investment for the perfect family portrait.

​​Time Investment  

          Two-four hours over the course of three appointments. 

    1.  Pre-Portrait Prep/Consultation                     15-20 minutes        

Photo session options;  location, clothing, date, time and contract. Contact me several weeks prior to your ideal photo session time  (4-6 weeks in fall).  Via Zoom.


   2.   Portrait  Session                                          30 minutes - 1 hour       

Location/s and attire options determined at pre-session consultation. View your images (via Zoom)  6-10 days after your session. 


    3.  Image Review and Order Session                  30- 60 minutes       

Post-session appointment (via Zoom) to view and order images for your home and loved ones.  Ordered  images will be ready for delivery  4-6 weeks after post session meeting.


Financial Investment           

Portrait Sessions Starting at $350


Simple Session:   $350 simple session includes

  • several pose changes

  • access to two digital files for social media and cards. 


Complete  session   Any time upgrade option- allows the flexibility to choose additions such as:

  • pre payment bonuses

  • access to all edited digital files

  • mini albums

  • wall art 


Clients who choose these additional features usually invest in the complete session package of $400-$1,000.  

*The collections and ala carte menu are made available during our pre session consultation.

The Portrait Experience 

A mix of conversation, laughter and a small dose of silliness.


  Together we will create truly beautiful images.

Reliable, relaxed communication.

What is important to you?

  • Your family.

  • Spending time together doing what you love.

  • Capturing memories of those times.

  • Ensuring your images can be seen and shared.

  • It has to be fun, and it has to be hassle free.


What is important to me?

  • Your family.

  • Creating a photographic experience that is fun and relaxed.

  • Creating portraits that foster belonging and lasting memories.

  • A chance for your images to be displayed and shared.

  • A transparent process in obtaining stellar images.

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